Keep It Science Shorts

Hosted by Dr Nick Gaunt and Dr Elisabeth Kugler, this podcast talks about scientific discovery, research, and the people behind the discoveries.


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#007 Keep it Allergy-Free

In this extra episode, just in time for hay fever season, we talk about hay fever and allergies with our guests Sarah Orecchia and Max Wiseberg.

#008 Keep it Open

To whom does research data belong? What is citizen science? And why you should share negative data. Interview with Dr Heidi Seibold and Dr Natalie Whitehead.

#009 Keep it Accessible

.. stay tuned!

#004 Keep it Visionary

Interested in building a biotech from scratch and scaling into a successful life science business? Join us as we talk with Dr Adam Glen from Unicorn Biotechnologies. 

#005 Keep it Technology

Build a spin-out company and scale your authentic leadership. Hear more about this, and more, as we interview Dr Malte Wachsmuth from Bruker Luxendo.

#006 Keep it Organized

Project management can make your life a challenge or a treat, learn how Dr Tullio Rossi from Animate Your Science uses project management and time hacks for his life.

#001 Get to know the hosts

In the first episode of Keep it Science, your hosts Dr Nick Gaunt (Acorn) and Dr Elisabeth Kugler (Zeeks) share about their career and background.

#002 Keep it Stress-Free

Success is determined by mindset. Learn about how to succeed stress-free. We talk with our guests are mental health specialist, Giselle Monbiot, and nutrition and natural product expert, Tim Gaunt.

#003 Keep it Fun

Science communication can be fun! So join us as we talk to our social media influencers, Dr Raúl Peña (research_goes_slowly) and Dr Fernando Garcia-Bastidas (drbananagarcia).




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